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Preparing for Discharge

We strive to ensure a smooth transition for our patients being discharged from the hospital. Our discharge plan begins upon our patient's admission, and we will continue our discussions with you throughout your hospital stay. Your discharge is directed by and requires your physician's written order.

The following are key points about preparing for discharge and how you can help to ensure you are discharged in a timely manner:

Your physician will determine when you can be discharged and he/she will write an order.
Your physician(s) and care team will work with you and your family/support system (if you desire) to determine that your care needs after your discharge and what resources are available to meet these needs.
A case manager is available to assist you with arranging services for your care after discharge and addressing any questions you may have. They will also keep your insurance company informed of the care you receive while hospitalized and your post-discharge care needs.

Please plan in advance for your transportation at discharge. We encourage you to have these plans in place to avoid any unnecessary delay.
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