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Information Sessions and Support Groups

Information Seminar

Prospective patients are encouraged to attend an information session to learn about our comprehensive program including the types of procedures offered, the risks and health benefits, the insurance process, as well as providing an opportunity to ask questions and meet one of our surgeons.

Bariatric Information Sessions and Bariatric Support Groups are held monthly. We also offer weight loss education and support to patients who are contemplating weight loss surgery.

During the Covid-19 emergency, our bariatric center team is ready to assist and meet your weight loss needs while maintaining state and federal guidelines through telehealth. If you are a new patient ready to start your weight loss journey or a current patient who needs to see a provider, please contact our office to arrange a telehealth appointment. In recognition of social distancing guidelines, we are cancelling in-person seminars until we receive guidance from public health authorities that it is safe to resume.

For an initial consultation, please contact Parkview's Center for Weight Loss at 951-352-5643 or visit us at:

Select any Parkview seminar date and complete the online form. We'll contact you to schedule an initial consultation.

Bariatric Support Group

All post-operative patients are encouraged to attend our Bariatric Support Group. The Bariatric Support Group is offered monthly and provides patients with an opportunity to discuss challenges, celebrate successes, gain additional education, socialize, and engage in community outreach. The support group is facilitated by a licensed psychologist, Steven Reyes, EdD. and staff members.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, we will be conducting our support group online. For assistance, please contact our office at 951-352-5643.

Best Browsers for the online support group are: Microsoft Edge, Chromium Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10

Please refer to the document below for 2020 Support Group Topics and Zoom log-in information.
2020 Topics for Zoom Support Group
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